Important information

Printing on coloured substrates may affect the colour accuracy of the print. If printing a photo, we advise using a white substrate to ensure the accuracy of the colours in the photo. We can add different colours and design items to surround the photo and break up large white areas upon request. Custom Design Prints will contact you if there are any issues with printing your order to discus different options that are available.

What printing method do we use?

Custom Design Prints uses sublimation printing to customise the blank substrates and apparel, we also use HT Vinyl on Shirts and Hats where the design is on BLACK material. Both these processes are suited for designs, logos and photographic prints. Sublimation printing and HT Vinyl are long lasting and washable.

What’s the best image size for a sublimation design?

High quality resolution, e.g., 300dpi or above is recommended for digital printing. Our printers only print as good as your image, so make sure your image is not pixelated, stretched, or distorted when customising.

What files are accepted for printing?

We accept designs and photos that are in any of these formats PDF, PSD, JPEG, PNG, EPS, SVG, tiff, jpg.

What if my file resolution is too low?

If your image or design has a low resolution, is pixelated or blurry, our product customisation tool will give you a warning. We rely on our customers to check their designs before payment, so make sure you use high quality image for the best printing results.

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